Top 5 Ben/Leslie moments - #4 - 2x23 “The Master Plan”

Leslie: Ben the jerk is here.
Ann: Who are?!
Leslie: That one, the one coming over here.
Ann: OK, listen, be professional.
Ben: Hi.
Leslie: Hello, Ben.
Ben: Uhm, look, I kind of feel like we got off on the wrong foot, so I just wanted to stop by, and…
Leslie: Mm, yeah, well save your breath, okay? Just get outta here. Because this is a party with my friends, and you’re trying to fire all my friends.
Ben: I…
Leslie: Plus I just talked to everybody in this bar and nobody wants you here.
Ben: Uh, okay, so I’ll just see you tomorrow. Sorry to bother you.
Leslie: Get out of here!

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